ServiceTitan Review

When it comes to managing your organization, ServiceTitan is the industry’s top field service management system. It helps home service companies generate more leads and close more deals. Assume you have a single software system that handles scheduling and dispatching calls, billing clients, accepting payments on the road, retrieving business performance statistics, and analyzing sales patterns. With an award-winning tablet app from ServiceTitan, your technicians will have all the tools they need to complete jobs and get the most out of every client interaction.

ServiceTitan Review




When it comes to online and mobile solutions for service firms of all kinds and sorts, ServiceTitan has you covered. Because of the system’s mobile flexibility through a mobile-optimized website or an Android or iOS mobile app. Customers expect a world-class experience from service organizations. ServiceTitan is designed to help them achieve all three of these goals.

For scheduling, dispatching, invoicing, payroll, timesheets, contract administration, marketing, sales, and contacts with clients, small and medium-sized enterprises can use the ServiceTitan cloud-based system.

Customers will be more satisfied, business processes will be more efficient, and data insights will be available to enterprises at all times and from everywhere. In addition to its robust reporting features, it has mobile modules that make it easier to conduct operations in the field, saving both money and time.

ServiceTitan key Features

We’ll talk about ServiceTitan’s significant features and how they can help you simplify your workflow and automate a lot of the things you do every day.


You may see an overview of your company’s operations on ServiceTitan’s dashboard. To make it easier to customize, the dashboard is organized into components. Exchanges can be managed by specialty unit or calendar range, and displayed information is renewed gradually. ServiceTitan’s dashboard has the following modules:

  • Company metrics: Highlights your business’ income, deals, booking rates, and transformation rates.
  • Technician scorecards: Displays your expert’s produced income, enrollments, and transformation rates.
  • Call metrics: Tracks drives, occupations booked, and transformations from calls.
  • Marketing scorecards: Monitors leads, deals, and income produced from each promoting channel.
  • Heat map: Displays income produced by zipcode to assist with finding practical promoting efforts.


ServiceTitan makes it easier to generate revenue by streamlining the job booking process. Customers can book jobs on your site, and the stage helps your office personnel respond to telephone booking inquiries.

Online Booking

The online booking feature of ServiceTitan makes it easy for customers to book jobs directly from your site. Customers can select a day or time that’s convenient for them and provide contact information. Your office employees will delegate the task to a specialist when the data is collected and streamed into the database.

You may use Google Local Services to help customers find your business. Clients may plan jobs directly from Google’s query items page without visiting your company’s website when your business is Google Verified (see below).

Call Booking

The ServiceTitan call booking feature makes it easier for your office personnel to identify your clients’ needs and arrange appointments straight away. A pop-up window with the caller’s name and contact information will appear when you get a call. Another benefit is the speed with which you can access a client’s profile. This contains basic information such as the client’s location, any notes, structures, and links.

Quote Management

When you use ServiceTitan, you can quickly create and distribute statements and assessments and follow their progress. You may email references to your customers or show them in person using the mobile app. Both the flexible application as well as the program may provide quotations. Several different factors go into the price of a quote.

With shifting pricing and supplies, you may offer your clients new quote options. Again, this is a great way to generate extra revenue since it appeals to a wide range of potential customers.

When creating eye-catching gauges quickly, the ServiceTitan Pricebook is a great tool to have on hand. Your company’s administrations and supplies are listed in the price-book, which is a computerized inventory. Employees may use the price book to find needed services and supplies and add them to the invoice. Things in the price book include evaluations, displaying illustrations, and photographs. If you want to help with ticket size expansion, you can rework things to integrate redesigns and ideas.

Scheduling & Dispatching

This service helps you arrange and deploy your specialists more efficiently using ServiceTitan’s tools. A timetable outlines all of your company’s upcoming roles. In addition, you have the option of relocating or rescheduling tasks to alter your calendar quickly.

The dispatch board includes a live feed of all booked positions for your professional. Occupations, like the timetable, may be modified by simply rearranging the items on the board. Obligations have a different shade according to their length; thus, the shading composition will alter depending on how far.

In addition, the dispatch board features a GPS guide that keeps tabs on your field personnel’s whereabouts—the pin of your expert changes based on where they are using their mobile phone.

Mobile Application

The ServiceTitan mobile app is a must-have for ServiceTitan field specialists. Using the ServiceTitan mobile app, technicians in the field can:

  • Access client history, work data, and notes
  • Construct gauges
  • Gather installments through card or check
  • Speak with office staff
  • Complete structures
  • Lead two-way messaging discussions with clients
  • Store photographs and recordings
  • Send specialist following to customers
  • Track drive time, seller runs, and wrench time
  • Track specialist area


With ServiceTitan, you can send invoices to your clients electronically. Invoices can be modified to include:

  • Billing terms
  • Installment strategies
  • Sum due and due date
  • Online installment entry interface
  • Financing alternatives
  • Administrations and materials
  • Contact data

Invoices can be shipped to your customers through email. In addition, ServiceTitan upholds bunch solicitations, which permits you to email solicitations to a gathering of clients all the while.

ServiceTitan Payments

Get electronic payments from your clients with ServiceTitan. In the field, you can collect Mastercard installments and genuinely look at employing your portable application when it is possible. You can also provide a link to an internet-based payment entry to your customers. In general, standard fees apply to credit and charge installments made through a collaborative installment preparation seller.

ServiceTitan’s participation highlight allows you to accumulate recurring payments of money. Customer billing data may be stored in ServiceTitan so that clients are charged according to predetermined payment schedules. Limits and various benefits might be included in participation.


ServiceTitan flawlessly coordinates with an assortment of outsider programming. Here is a portion of ServiceTitan’s most eminent incorporations:

  • Ask the Seal
  • ClearPath GPS
  • Finance
  • GreenSky
  • Nexstar
  • QuickBooks
  • Sage Intacct
  • TomTom
  • US Fleet Tracking
  • VitalStorm
  • manifold
  • Zapier

Industry Specializations

ServiceTitan is utilized by home assistance organizations in an assortment of businesses. Here is a portion of the companies that ServiceTitan has some expertise in

  • Stack Sweep
  • Electrical expert
  • Carport Door
  • Central air
  • Scene
  • Grass Care
  • Vermin Control
  • Plumbing
  • Pool Service
  • Water Treatment

Competitors of ServiceTitan

ServiceTitan is in direct competition with some other field service management products that provide comparable capabilities. The ideal option for you will be determined by your financial situation and feature choices.

ServiceTitan’s top competitors are:

  • FieldEdge
  • Housecall Pro
  • Jobber
  • Service Fusion
  • ServiceM8
  • ServiceTitan
  • Works
Pros Cons
It is a well-rounded solution intended to meet industry-specific standards. Price is very high, being on average $245 ($178.72) per month
Approximately 53% of users who mention customer service believe the staff is quick to respond, pleasant, and knowledgeable. QuickBooks integration is problematic and demands the same inputs in both solutions, rendering it redundant.
Simple and Easy to use The ServiceTitan has a steep learning curve which means minor user adaptation.
User friendly Due to the lack of AHRI Matchups, users are unable to sell equipment through the system.

ServiceTitan Performance: ServiceTitan has assisted a growing number of exceptional service firms, like George Brazil, Hunter Heat & Air, Gold Medal Service, and Goettl, in achieving outstanding commercial success.

ServiceTitan Review

Ara Mahdessian and Vahe Kuzoyan founded ServiceTitan in 2012. Today, more than 4,400 aid groups and more than 100,000 project employees make use of this system.

ServiceTitan contains many features to let businesses modify their revenue generation and activity upgrades while also increasing efficiency. A dispatch board, a mobile app, and online installation management are components included in web and phone booking.

Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing were the first three service areas where ServiceTitan got its start. A variety of industries now use them, including carport entryways, fireplace clean-up, and pool management.

Several robust arrangements are accessible, but ServiceTitan stands out since it provides a wide variety of provisions not present in many of its competitors. If you’re a large organization looking to recruit 30 to 35 people ready to pay a premium for a high-level agreement, we highly recommend ServiceTitan. On the other hand, it’s possible that if you’re a small to medium firm, you’d want something a little lighter than Jobber.

ServiceTitan Pricing

A yearly contract is required for ServiceTitan. To get started, the monthly ServiceTitan fee is $245 (GBP 178.72), and it rises based on the demands of individual contractors. Employees at ServiceTitan’s offices do not pay any additional costs.

Pricing for work management software might be challenging to discern from competitors’ offerings. Therefore, when comparing software, look at what each offers in terms of features and tools for the price you are willing to pay.


ServiceTitan is one the most widely used field service management software. We have briefed here all of its aspects, whether reviews, pricing, or features.

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