Authors, Contributors and Editorial Staff has a Diverse Staff of Writers, Contributors and Editorial Team – We all contribute and Work towards a Simple Goal:

Offer Comprehensive, Unbiased Information to the World in a Simple to Read Format

With that said, our Authors strive to Provide the most Accurate and Up-to-Date Information and Contribute as often as they can, regardless of their Schedules or Lifestyles. Some of our Authors and Contributors travel the World as they write for us to enjoy the freedom that publishing abroad offers.

We provide a Platform for all our Authors to take Advantage of wherever they are in the World or in their Lives at any given Moment. We are Proud of the Team with have Put together and continue to Look for other Contributors to Apply and Grow our team Further!

Our Team & Staff:

  • Ben Schultz
  • Brett Knight
  • Brett has Extensive Experience in PHP Scripting and high-level experience of Windows Server, Unix/Linux system administration and other software systems. He's currently working on Several Hobby projects that involve 3D printers and enjoys writing about Technology in general, as well as System Admin and Linux Scripting.
  • Denise Porter
  • Denise is one of our Staff Writers that has transitioned from the Corporate IT Consulting World into publishing. She enjoys writing about her Experiences with Software and Tools that she has used and help implement in Real-world Scenarios and Business. She has a Master in Organization Development from Seattle University.
  • Jason David
  • Jason has Extensive Experience (over 12 yrs) in Windows Server (2004, 2008 and 2012) and Active Directory as well as Exchange Server 2003/2010. Along with his in-depth Windows Network Admin Experience, he has knowledge and hands-on skills in VMware, Hyper-V and Linux configuration and optimization. Jason has industry Recognized Certifications including CompTIA Network+ and Security A+, Microsoft MCSA and VCP 5 certs!
  • SP Staff
  • Staff from Software Portal use this Account to update site with latest News, Reviews, Software Updates and Anything that needs to be changed on the site. Some Members from Our Staff include Programmers, PHP/Web Admins and General Tech Experts.