Housecall Pro vs. ServiceMonster

Housecall Pro vs. ServiceMonster

Why do we need Field Service Management (FSM) Platforms?

FSM automates and simplifies tedious and complicated procedures, enabling management to concentrate instead of minutiae on the big picture. The FSM software helps plan and monitor field activities into a single cohesion solution by integrating various tasks. FSM Software supports companies in the efficient management of all FSM resources. Managers and technicians may be assisted in the following areas:

  •   Processing job orders.
  •   Automating Scheduling and dispatch
  •    Keeping track of service and repair jobs
  •   Managing customer service contracts
  •   Collecting payments.

Which parameters are required to choose FSM platforms/software?

Due to the different business problems and requirements from one company to another, it is essential to know if the FSM software suits your demands. Before choosing on your FSM platform, consider the following factors:

  •  First, identify your company’s requirements and needs.
  •  Then, take SaaS and On-Premise FSM options into consideration and choose the best suits your business structure.
  •  Depending on expertise and technology, field teams and service groups may be arranged using the Software.
  •  Ensure the whole functioning of the Platform, from on-site customer support to field monitoring and optimization, to satisfy all your business requirements.

The best field service management software is found and implemented and requires careful consideration of critical factors and analysis. Therefore, we have created a feature comparison including all aspects of Housecall Pro and ServiceMonster to offer a more detailed comparison.

Two FSM software packages are selected in this article. Housecall Pro is the first, while ServiceMonster is the second. We check both to determine which Software suits the requirements of your business. We examine the advantages and disadvantages, the costs and characteristics of the Software previously stated, but mainly the benefits of these goods.

Let’s see which one’s better: Housecall Pro vs. ServiceMonster

Housecall Pro

Housecall Pro, established in 2013, is dedicated to assisting home service workers to achieve their success. In addition to providing an industry-leading SaaS operating platform, we also offer modern financial services and accompanying business solutions to assist Pros in running all elements of their business. It would simplify experts in the home service to function effectively and grow their companies in an all-in-one business solution. This product effortlessly manages all of your company locations in one place with easy-to-use digital planning and sending tools, money processing, automated marketing activities, and more. It also comes through a smartphone app and a web interface in the United States and Canada.

Housecall Pro


More than 17,000 individuals utilized Housecall Pro. Its goal is to support the growth of home service companies. The complete list of House Call Pro features is available here.

  • It provides automated Scheduling.
  • It provides billing and invoicing.
  • It can be used for Calendar synchronization.
  • It has commercial applications.
  • It sends confirmation and reminder emails for employees/workers.
  • It has customer database connectivity.
  • It has Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • It provides the customer track record and also the history.
  • It provides a contract/License Management facility.
  • It provides an electronic signature facility.
  • It provides a customer management feature.
  • It may be used for online payments, job costs, administration, online reservation, time tracking, management of work orders.
  • It provides mobile access to business owners and employees.

Additional Features

  • It provides financing management.
  • It has a fleet management system.
  • It can be used for industrial and commercial contractors.
  • It is suitable for HVAC companies.
  • GPS tracking feature is available in it.
  • You can do group management in it.
  • It is available for Job Costing and Management.
  • It can help you to decide labor rates.
  • It has a multi-location feature.
  • It provides property layouts.
  • It has a self-service portal.

With features such as drag-and-drop scheduling, estimates, and online booking, Housecall Pro minimizes paperwork and saves you time in your business. Are you looking for a reliable customer relationship management system at a meager price? Look no further. Featuring features such as easy scheduling, digital estimates, online booking, dispatching, on-my-way SMS, and live map GPS navigation, Housecall Pro provides all of the tools you need to manage your small business efficiently.

Pros of Housecall Pro

  • Customer support is the outstanding pro of this product.
  • It is rated higher (98/100) than the ServiceMonster.
  • It offers more features for its users than ServiceMonster.
  • 20,000+ HVAC, plumbing, electrical, cleaning, and other industries rely on it.
  • It can be deployed on desktop, mobile, and Cloud.
  • It is suitable for all types of customers like small, medium, and large size businesses.
  • The Total Implementation Cost (TCO) of Housecall Pro is cheaper than ServiceMonster.
  • Training through live sessions, webinars, and documentation and videos are available.
  • Scheduling, invoicing, and paying online are the most attractive pros of this product.
  • This product is known for its high performance in software, order work, and other applications. It is also considered a growing choice for software programming, billing, and invoicing.
  • It is more friendly and easy to use for both customers and their employees.
  • The customer management strategy offered by Housecall Pro makes him prominent vs. ServiceMonster.

Housecall Pro

Reviews of different customers on Housecall Pro

Let’s see some reviews about it given by the valued customer.

“It’s just that I like how easy it is to use and how well it is organized. It helps me to stay organized and get more results.”

“There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude to the professionals at Housecall for exposing me to this wonderful product. The monthly charge is reasonable, and the package includes everything I require to run my business daily.”

“My customers are also quite pleased with Housecall Pro because it notifies them when something is scheduled and allows them to communicate with us directly. Clients who are more involved are happier clients who are more likely to spend more.”


Housecall Pro is available in three different pricing tiers ranging from free to $109. There is also a free trial version of Housecall Pro available. In the basic plan, the following services are present.

  • Technician dispatch in real-time, as well as drag and drop scheduling.
  • Mobile applications for the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • Estimation and invoicing are straightforward.
  • Credit card rates as low as 2.59 percent are available through digital payment management.
  • GPS tracking in real-time
  • Service Agreement (also known as a service contract) (Recurring service plans)
  • Customers can receive messages on their way to their destination.
  • Review collecting and management are done automatically.
  • Reservations can be made online.
  • Tool for generating sales proposals
  • Integrations with CRM systems and Google Calendar integration
  • Support via live chat in real-time
  • Membership in a private Facebook group has surpassed 10,000 members.

Housecall Pro

Now let’s talk about the features, pros, and pricing details of the ServiceMonster compared with Housecall Pro.


It is a simple to use and modify web-based field-service management solution for companies of all sizes. The business offers different services, such as invoicing, sending management, and employment management. Located in Washington, the Software was designed and deployed by Principle Focus LLC. It is accessible as a web application, including on Windows desktop and Android and IOS mobile platforms. Every aspect of your business is handled by ServiceMonster, from scheduling jobs and managing work orders to billing customers and automating follow-up marketing. It is a premier field service software platform that more than 12,000 service professionals trust. It is built specifically for house cleaning businesses to manage day-to-day operations and help everyone operate more efficiently.


Where and for whom can we use ServiceMonster?

This product’s customers include businesses of all sizes and a wide range of sectors. However, it was specifically developed for customers in the cleaning business, especially in the carpet cleaning industry. A few companies that have used this product are Environmental Carpet Care, Unique Carpet Cleaning, and Custom Carpet Care.

Let’s discuss its features, pros, and price details now.


The 12/14 functionality in the list of the top features recommended by Capterra is when we speak about the ServiceMonster, while the Housecall Pro feature is 13/14. This is because they are the most likely to suggest users, which Software Suggest recognizes.

The main features list of ServiceMonster is highlighted here.

  • It also provides billing and invoicing.
  • It also has customer database connectivity.
  • It provides automated Scheduling.
  • It can provide the customer track record and also the custom history.
  • It also has a customer management feature.
  • It cannot have a contract/License Management facility as Housecall Pro has.
  • It also provides online payments, job costing and management, online booking, time tracking, and work order management, as Housecall Pro did.
  • It provides mobile access to business owners and employees.
  • It also has commercial/industrial applications.
  • It also provides mobile access to business owners and employees, as Housecall Pro did.
  • It is a CRM-based software product.
  • It provides an entire dashboard facility.
  • It provides fully functional manager and owner information.


Now we highlight the pros of ServiceMonster:

Pros of ServiceMonster

  • It can be deployed on the cloud.
  • It is a web-based FSM product.
  • It is SaaS.
  • It supports android mobile app,iPhone app access.
  • It provides e-mail, chat, and phone call help.
  • It delivers training to the valued customers through In-person, online, webinars, and documentation forms.
  • It is recognized as the Best value product of 2021 by Software Suggest.
  • TCO of this product is 78/100, which is less than Housecall Pro that is 98/100.

Let’s compare the Housecall Pro vs. ServiceMonster features. Most features are the same, but the Housecall Pro is recommended to the users because of its overall good rating among the different customers. Operations worldwide are turning to Housecall Pro to manage their home services businesses, thanks to features like scheduling, on-my-way text messaging, and one-click invoicing. With the Housecall Pro app, you can gain a great deal of independence. You can take notes, make appointments, and establish customer profiles, all from the convenience of your phone.

Reviews of ServiceMonster:

Some reviews about the product:

“ServiceMonster is one of my favorite software. This is an excellent tool. As a result, our productivity increased, which resulted in significant cost savings.”

“Everything about the software, including its ease of use and accuracy, was a huge success to us.”

“I don’t see how anyone could build their business without the assistance of this service, which is fantastic. However, individuals or businesses who do not use ServiceMonster should strongly consider reevaluating their marketing and service strategies.”

“This is an excellent tool for identifying the greatest talent available on the market because they have a large database that can be used successfully.”

“Many portals are accessible on the market; however, if you are seeking C2C prospects, this site will be of great use to you.”


When comparing ServiceMonster to its competitors, the Software is ranked 2 – significantly less expensive than the typical FSM software cost.

ServiceMonster pricing starts at $49 for two users/month.



Pricing snapshot – Oct 2021


It is essential to examine the features and functionality offered in any company software system. The solution should support your team’s necessary procedures, workflows, reports, and needs. We have compared Housecall Pro to ServiceMonster, based on some of the most important and needed field service features, to assist you in making this choice. Housecall Pro includes e-mail notifications, mobile access, tools for analysis, billing and invoicing, contract administration, electrical, HVAC, and Scheduling. You can also notice that Housecall Pro is the winner if you read through articles and compare them on both, which is why the award granted by Software Suggest was more likely to be recommended for users by the users.

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