Housecall Pro vs PestRoutes

Housecall Pro vs PestRoutes

Housecall Pro

Service professionals may utilize Housecall Pro to automate procedures and streamline technician dispatch. Housecall Pro is a field service management program that runs on the cloud. Many businesses that can benefit from this solution are carpet cleaning, window cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC. The solution comprises a native mobile app as well as a companion web portal. Housecall Pro enables service organizations to reduce their reliance on paper by utilizing digital automation. QuickBooks Desktop and Online integration are among the features offered by HouseCall Pro. Job scheduling with GPS tracking, dispatching and payment processing, estimations, automatic receipts and invoicing, real-time customer notifications, text message capabilities, automated postcards, and email marketing automation are just a few of the other features.

Through HouseCall’s online booking capabilities, clients may schedule services and send messages to other members of the HouseCall community. They can even pay for services online.

The mobile application can be accessed from devices running both Android and iOS operating systems. There is a free version available for single owners/operators, which includes many of the essential features of the subscription version but does not include all of them. The number of users determines the cost of a premium license, and an enterprise license is also offered.

This service is available throughout the United States and Canada.

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Now, we shed some light on the features of Housecall Pro.


Housecall Pro is a service that more than 17,000 people have used. Its mission is to aid in the expansion of home service businesses nationwide. The complete list of features offered by Housecall Pro may be seen here.


With drag-and-drop job scheduling software, you can cut down on administrative tasks.

  • With a few clicks, you may schedule arrival times.
  • Customer information may be retrieved quickly.
  •  View job details in your calendar view by clicking on the job title.
  •  Manage work data such as the start and end time, location, and other factors.
  •  View the current payment status of a job in a flash.
  •  Instantly transmit job data to the technicians who have been assigned.
  •  Keep in touch with the firm through the app’s company chat.
  •  Assign duties to members of the office staff.

Housecall Pro

A tech from the All Hours Heating and Cooling use job scheduling feature of Housecall Pro  and said that:

“One of the most enjoyable aspects is that I look at the next assignment on the schedule, know exactly what I’m going to do, and then head out.”


Invoice software that is simple to use for your home services business.

  • Text or email invoices with your company branding attached to them.
  •  Remind customers of past-due payments in an automated manner.
  •  Previous invoices can be found quickly and easily.
  •  Deposits should be collected online before the start of the job.
  •  Send digital invoices with a payment link to your customers.
  •  Receipts for customers should be automated.
  • Housecall Pro allows you to import your invoice history from QuickBooks.
  •  Job information is automatically transferred to your QuickBooks account.
  •  With built-in error prevention, you can ensure that your books are accurate.

Dave C, Owner of Cass Plumbing, used Housecall Pro  and gave the review:

“On the dashboard, we can view our invoicing statistics as well as our month-to-month growth.”

Online Booking

Online booking allows your consumers the chance to check availability and book immediately from your website, Facebook page, and other social media platforms.


  • Text updated job details and directives to employees regularly.
  •  With expert GPS tracking, you can regain control.
  •  Keep in touch with your team with the in-app team chat feature.
  •  “On my way” and completed job messages can be customized and scheduled.
  •  Manage work details in a safe and secure online payment environment.
  •  Customer reviews can be requested and posted with the help of simple tools.
  •  Create your personalized arrival windows.
  •  Notify technicians of new job assignments as soon as they are received.
  • With phone tracking, you can find out who is calling you.

Housecall Pro

Bradbury Garage Doors’ owner remarks are:

“It was difficult for us to locate the location where we needed to be for a task before we started using Housecall Pro.”


Housecall Pro’s scheduling system makes it simple for you to schedule work, contact your customers, book online, submit an estimate or invoice, and accept payment whether you’re in the office or on the road.

Housecall Pro

  • Send customized invoices from anywhere in the world with a single click while out in the field.
  • The secure payment system, which allows your consumers to pay for services online, saves you time and money.
  • Customers will benefit from automatic payment receipts that will be provided to them once payment has been received.

Automated Marketing

Automated email marketing and postcard marketing can help you generate more recurring business and recommendations.

  • Send your customers a reminder email before their planned work or a thank-you email after they have completed the service without them having to think about it at all.
  • Keep your consumers at the forefront of their minds by sending them automated postcards that are delivered right to their door.

Housecall Pro

Jessica Middleton, the owner of Illustrated Handyman LLC, remarks are:

“Due to the nature of our business as a young and thriving small business attempting to transform the reputation of “handyman Joe down the street” into “Your Premier Handyman Experience,” we must make the most of every minute of every day. ‘HouseCall Pro has come to our rescue.'”

Review Management

Using your Google, My Business, or Facebook business profile as a connection, we’ll direct your consumers to submit reviews on those platforms instead of here.

  • All of your customers’ reviews will be gathered and shown on your Housecall Pro page, allowing you to utilize them as testimonials or add them to your website as you see fit.
  • Custom task tags allow you to pick and select whom you ask for a review, ensuring that you only ask your most valuable clients for feedback.

For which company size is Housecall Pro designed?

It is specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

Operating systems (OS) support:

It is supported on Linux, Mac, and Windows OS.

Real-time App

A real-time app is available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

What support and training does the Housecall Pro provide?

It provides support in the following manner:

  • Email/Customer Service
  •  FAQs/Forum
  •  a database of knowledge
  • Support over the phone
  • Chat


  • Live Streaming on the Internet
  •   Webinars
  •   Documentation
  •   Videos

Price Details

Housecall Pro is available in three distinct pricing categories, ranging from free- $109 per month. A free trial edition of Housecall Pro is also available for download. The following services are included in the basic plan:

  • Real-time dispatch of technicians, as well as drag-and-drop scheduling capabilities.
  •  Mobile applications for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.
  •  Estimation and billing are both simple processes to follow.
  • Through digital payment management, credit card rates as low as 2.59 percent are accessible to customers.
  • Real-time GPS tracking is available.

Housecall Pro

  • A service agreement (also known as a service contract) is a legal agreement between two parties that provides services (Recurring service plans)
  • When customers are traveling to their destination, they can receive communications along the route.
  • The collection and maintenance of reviews are handled automatically.
  • Reservations can be made through the internet.
  •  A tool for developing sales proposals is included.
  • It has over 10,000 members in a private Facebook group, which integrates CRM systems and Google Calendar. In addition, it provides real-time support via live chat.

Now we will explore PestRoutes.


A field service software solution simplifies your life while providing all the functionality you require without trouble. With PestRoutes automation tools, you can gain more customers, streamline your process, be paid on time, and measure your results. Leave your competitors in the dust with easy-to-use solutions that help you develop rapidly, scale successfully, and make life easier for your staff and customers alike.

What is the need for PestRoutes?

FieldRoutes, also known as PestRoutes, is a SaaS provider for field service firms that is cloud-based and mobile-enabled. All field service operations for enterprise and small business customers are automated through the platform, covering everything from office management to advanced route optimization to payment processing. It also includes digital sales, marketing, and customer acquisition solutions that accelerate growth, streamlines operations, and increase customer retention while increasing revenue.


Feature/Pros of PestRoutes

  • It provides billing and invoicing like Housecall Pro.
  •  It keeps a record of customer history like Housecall Pro
  •  It has dispatch and fleet management features like Housecall Pro.
  •  It has the added feature of Pest Activity Detection, tracking, and Pesticide Tracking and Reporting.
  •  It has provided a contract/License Management facility like Housecall Pro.
  •  It includes routing features like Housecall Pro.
  •  It has a property layouts feature, the same as Housecall Pro.
  •  It provides a contract/License Management facility, same as Housecall Pro.
  •  Live sessions, in-person training, webinars, manuals, and videos are all available for training.
  •  It has an appointment management system.
  •  It has a technician management system.
  • PestRoutes also provides a dashboard facility.



It has been given the title of “Emerging favorite” in the domain of Pest Control Software by Capterra.

For which company size is PestRoutes designed?

It is designed for all types of businesses like small, medium, large, and enterprise.

Various consumer testimonials

Let’s have a look at some of the customer feedback on it.

“We are delighted with the product’s sales, training, and use. It is a game-changer in terms of time and consumer communication. Since we began, we have not had to go through customer accounts or issue monthly bills manually.” Denise W. CEO Environmental Services

“Fantastic. I strongly advise all pest control business owners to use it.” Raul C. owner Individual & Family Services

“It’s been incredible! CSR is the guy, and their development staff is continuously releasing new and exciting features.” Robert H. Regional Operations Manager Consumer Services


The price of PestRoutes is determined by the number of active clients in your database. There’s no need to buy additional licenses for the office or seasonal employees. We make it simple to expand your business, not your workforce.

  • A free trial is not available in it.
  • $199 per month for a small business (under 2,000 active clients).
  • Up to $499 per month for medium (2,001-5,000 active clients).
  • Up to $999 per month for large (5,001-10,000 active clients).
  •  Enterprise (10,001+ active customers) = Request a quotation by calling.


Concluded Remarks

When evaluating the two options, Housecall Pro vs. PestRoutes, the reviewers considered them equally simple to use.

  • Housecall Pro is simpler to set up.
  • Overall, PestRoutes is a more pleasant company to do business with as well as administer PestRoutes.
  • According to the feedback received, PestRoutes better satisfies the demands of their company than Housecall Pro.
  • When it comes to comparing the level of continuous product support, reviewers unanimously agreed that Housecall Pro is the superior choice.
  • According to our findings, we preferred the direction of PestRoutes above when it came to new upgrades and roadmaps.
  • See how Housecall Pro stacks up against PestRoutes in this side-by-side comparison based on customer feedback. PestRoutes has 94 reviews and a rating of 4.43 / 5, but Housecall Pro has 2538 reviews and 4.73 / 5. Each product’s score is generated using real-time data from verified user reviews to help you choose the best solution for your company’s needs.

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