WinAgents TFTP Server Review

WinAgents TFTP Server Manager Review

WinAgents TFTP Server is surely one of the more feature rich TFTP Servers we have reviewed. It offers a simplified protocol with a good amount of control and functionality.


  • Built to run 24/7 Availablity due to it Running as a Background Process/Service on your System.
  • Integrated Windows Firewall support
  • Powerful built-in NAT support which facilitates file transfers through routers and firewalls
  • Nice, user friendly GUI Interface
  • Supports x64 platforms (runs as 32-bit process)
  • Fully compatible with RFC1350, RFC2347, RFC2348 and RFC2349
  • Maximize Speed by setting highest precedence for the server process; this is useful for systems that handle large volumes of TFTP clients and transfers
  • This TFTP Server allows configuring rights of access to files depending on the client’s IP-address
  • High-scalable server architecture


System Requirements

Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7/2008 Server


30-day Free Trial!

Free Version then switches to the Freeware Mode.

Freeware Mode Only Allows Simultaneous Transmission up to 2 files at a time.

To remove the restriction of the number of files being transmitted simultaneously, purchase either one of the following options:

  • Standard License – Up to 50 simultaneous Files Transmissions – $99 USD
  • Enterprise License – UNLIMITED Simultaneously File Transmission – $299 USD
  • Upgrade from Standard to Enterprise License – $200 USD

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