WakeOnLanx Review

WakeMeOnLanx Review

If you have a larger network, then WakeOnLanx is a great option for you! Not only is it free, but it is more than just a WOL application. It is networking management and monitoring platform that can remotely, simultaneously wake up, reboot, or shutdown multiple remote hosts while monitoring their status in real-time with integrated pinging.

WakeOnLanx has a highly configurable GUI Interface that is packed with loads of features you will love.

Features & Reviews

  • GUI Interface
  • No remote agent installation required, just launch the EXE
  • Integrated task scheduler to launch any task at a specified time
  • Retrieve MAC addresses from remote hosts which is required for WOL
  • Simultaneously initiate download and/or installation of Windows updates on multiple remote computers from a single console
  • Multiple filter options gives you the ability to select updates by different groups: critical updates, security updates, service packs, etc.
  • Start and stop services remotely
  • Terminate remote processes
  • Retrieve the last boot times and used/free C: disk space from remote hosts
  • Use your own WSUS server, or use BatchPatch in conjunction with Microsoft Update as an effective WSUS alternative

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WakeMeOnLanx Review

System Requirements

Must have the .NET Framework 4.0 or later installed on the computer you’re running it from.


100% Free !!!

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