Tectia SSH Server Review

Tectia SSH Server Review

Used by 4 of the world’s 5 largest banks, the IRS and even NASA’s Space Flight Center, Tectia SSH Server is the premiere choice for SFTP servers on the market.

It offers a robust, enterprise grade SSH Server designed for business critical applications. It was designed for deployment across large corporate networks and offers tremendous flexibility, power, and reliability.


  • SSH/SFTP server from the creators of SSH Protocol itself!
  • Highly Configurable
  • Command-line interfaces for all programs, facilitating scripting with standard Unix tools (shells, Perl, etc.)
  • Remote Capabilities –
    remote logins, remote command execution, and secure file copying across a network, all with many run-time options.
  • Rock-solid Security –
    No Logs from client logins are left on the local hard drive. Gives you numerous, selectable encryption algorithms and authentication mechanisms to increase security.
  • Fast and Accurate –
    Transferring files is quick and seamless even while transferring multiple files simultaneously.
  • SSH Agent which Caches Keys for ease of use
  • Support for SOCKS Proxies
  • History and Logging Features to Aid in Debugging
  • Support for TCP port forwarding and X11 forwarding
  • FIPS 140-2 Certification for U.S. Government Applications
  • Geared More Towards Enterprise Level Applications


System Requirements

Windows, Unix, Linux, and even IBM mainframes

See Complete Compatibility list here


$150/download + depending on particular license/package

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