SmokePing Review

SmokePing Review

SmokePing keeps track and help you Monitor your network latency. SmokePing is a useful tool for Network and DevOps Engineers to diagnose packet loss on their network or on their ISP’s networks by monitoring Connectivity of your Hosts and their latency.

It can give you information on more complex issues like Network Congestion problems, Contention issues and Poor routing.

The SmokePing consists of two parts:

  • The SmokePing daemon and configs. The daemon performs the monitoring.
  • The SmokePing “htdocs” are used by the web interface.


  • Excellent Latency Visualization
  • Interactive graph explorer
  • Master/Slave system for distributed measurement (i.e. multiple locations)
  • One SmokePing Master can control multiple slaves
  • Highly configurable alert system
  • Live Latency charts with graphs
  • OpenSource software

Screen Shots

SmokePing Review

System Requirements

Unix OS and a working Perl installation

RRDtool 1.2.x or later

Webserver (apache that allows you to run CGI and FastCGI (if possible).

Perl 5.10.1 or later


100% Free !!

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