Aquila WOL

Aquila WOL Review

Aquila WakeOnLAN is a sophisticated WOL option that also has a Ping utility, Remote Shutdown Capabilities and more!

Features & Reviews

  • Command Link and GUI Interface
  • Wake up or shutdown a remote computer
  • Ping remote computer for status
  • Perform emergency shutdown for ALL computers at once
  • Wake Up remote computer over the internet
  • Ability to schedule wake ups and shutdowns
  • Connect via the remote service using Remote Desktop
  • Listen to WOL packets for troubleshooting
  • Shutdown Linux machines using script
  • Can be used in static or DHCP addressing networks
  • Supports Wake-Up over the Internet using WOLAgent
  • Troubleshooting capabilities include: tools to scan network for hosts, IP and MAC addresses, event logs, subnet directed broadcasts, and more.

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System Requirements

Windows XP and up, .NET Framework 4.6 or higher


100% Free for both Commercial and non-commercial use !!!

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