SolarWinds SCP Server Review

SolarWinds SCP Server Review

With an emphasis on security, SolarWinds SCP Server is trusted by brands like Cisco and Apple. The SolarWinds SCP Server comes fully featured and free of charge.

Known for their complete suite and server based tools, this tool is another SolarWinds product to add to your toolbox.

It allows you to securely push OS images and firmware and configuration updates, backup configuration files, and transfer files up to 4GB.

Unlike some of the other SCP Servers, it has the distinct advantage of being part of the overall SolarWinds suite, meaning a lot of built-in functionality and compatibility exists – but it also stands perfectly on its own as a fully function and completely free server for your needs!


  • Specific or range of IP’s
  • Runs as a Windows service
  • SFTP, SCP or both protocols
  • SSH Options (SSH1 or SSH2)
  • Concurrent transfers from multiple devices
  • Default port is 22 for file transfers but can be change anytime in the configuration settings
  • Advanced encryption features
  • Push device OS and firmware updates
  • Advanced device config backup, versioning, and search
  • User Authentication: user accounts can be created with unique login credentials which can be used for audit trails
  • Limit user actions: delete files, create directories, rename files, etc.
  • Can be used to transfer files across the internet as well
  • Simple and easy to use


System Requirements

Only available for the Windows Operating System


100% Free !!!

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