OpenSSH Review

OpenSSH Review

The OpenSSH source code is available to everyone for free via the Internet. Open SSH can be used for any and all purposes and it encrypts all traffic to eliminate eavesdropping, connection hijacking and other attacks. It also works as an SCP Server which is a plus.

It is a suite of Secure Networking utilities based on the SSH protocol. This provides a Secure Channel over an Unsecured Network. Unlike some of the other SSH/SFTP Servers, this one is not a single computer program, but rather a suite of programs that serve as alternatives to unencrypted protocols like Telnet and FTP.


  • Developed with the same rigorous security process that the OpenBSD group is famous for.
  • Can be incorporated into many commercial products.
  • Port Forwarding – Allows forwarding of TCP/IP connections to a remote machine over an encrypted channel. Insecure connections like POP can be secured with this.
  • Strong Authentication Protects against IP spoofing, Fake routes and DNS Spoofing. Some other authentication options include Public Key Authentication and One-time Passwords.
  • SFTP Client and Server Support – Complete SFTP support is included, using the sftp(1) command as a client and sftp-server(8) subsystem as a server.

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OpenSSH Review

System Requirements

For OpenBSD: FTP, AnonCVS, CVSWeb

For other Operating Systems: Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, AIX, HP-UX, Irix, NeXt, SCO, SNI/Reliant Unix, MAC OX, Cygwin, Windows 10


100% Free !!!

Official Website & Download Links

Installing OpenSSH for Windows:

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