Dotcom-Monitoring ICMP Ping Tool Review

Dotcom Monitoring ICMP PIng Tool

The Dotcom-Monitoring ICMP Ping Tool allows you to easily ping and verify the connectivity of many different devices in your network. Although this is not a Free tool, it has a lot of advanced features that should be noted.

It’s Global Monitoring system allows you to access devices all over the world, making this ideal for global organizations and complex systems.

Features & Review

  • Dotcom-Monitoring uses ICMP (Internet Control Method Protocol) ping requests to verify the status of a host on the network.
  • Real Time Dashboards give you easy to use and understand charts and analytics to share with team members without having to give up your password. Simply refresh the dashboard and the most current data populates.
  • Performance reports can be accessed over the web.
  • You can monitor behind a firewall and it is securely designed so that monitoring is only visible to you or whoever you give access to.
  • Custom Alerting system allows you to receive notifications when errors are detected. You can make the alerts custom with information like; location of the error, when errors are first detected, most recent monitoring results, and more.
  • It can give information about UDP server availability by sending packets to specified ports and waiting for a response from them.
  • Global Monitoring means your devices are available to users regardless of their location.

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System Requirements

DotCom Monitor is a SaaS based solution, so the only Agents and initial Configuration needs to be setup to start monitoring!


There are five different pricing options to choose from starting at $9.99/month to more advanced infrastructure plans starting at $39.99/month. The plans are customizable based on your needs and can read more about the different plan options here:

For specific pricing questions, you can contact Dotcom Monitor here:

Official Website & Download Links

You can download the fully functional 30-day Free Trial here:

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